Weekdays 9:00-19:30, Saturday 9:00-17:30, Sunday 12:00-16:30

Bacon pancakes

Served with house made fried eggplant bacon, hemp seeds and maple syrup.



Berry pancakes

Served with domestic berries and maple syrup.

12,00 €


Peanut butter pancakes      

Served with peanut butter, chocolate dressing and maple syrup.

12,00 €



Served with margarine and strawberry jam.

4,00 €


Avocado – tomato toast

Avocado and tomato on a toasted bread. Served with house made balsamic. Gluten free bread 90 cents.

6,90 €


Scrambled tofu on toast

Scrambled tofu on toast, topped with sprouts and sesame seeds.

Gluten free bread 90 cents.

9,90 €


French toast

Cinnamon and vanilla flavored french toast. Served with fresh banana and maple syrup. Gluten free bread 1,90€.

9,90 €


Breakfast roll

Toasted roll filled with a variety of fresh lettuce, vegetables and house made dressings and one of your choosing;

          Scrambled tofu-, cheddar-, avocado or NOtuna.


7,30 €


Almondy bowl

Blueberry, almond, almond milk, banana, linseed, chia seed, raspberry, coconut flakes, hemp seed.

10,00 €


Green bowl

Kale, arugula, green apple, honey dew, spirulina, chia seed, lingonberry, sesame seed, almond, coconut flakes.

10,00 €

Cocoberry bowl

Lingonberry, raspberry, banana, coconut milk, chia seed, blueberry, pumpkin seed, cashew nut, coconut flakes.


Blue colada bowl

Pineapple, coconut milk, shredded coconut, banana, blue spirulina, chia seed, raspberry, blueberry, linseed, sesame seed, coconut flakes.


Pinavo bowl

Pineapple, avocado, arugula, coriander, lime, chia seed, blueberry, lingonberry, cashew nut, sesame seed, coconut flakes.


Sesame bowl  

Tahini, pineapple, banana, turmeric, date, rose salt, maple syrup, chia seed, blueberry, sesame seed, pumpkin seed, almond, coconut flakes.